A list of publications by J. D. Mitchell on MathSciNet.

  1. (with S. Bardyla, L. Elliott, and Y. Péresse) ‘Topological embeddings into transformation monoids’, submitted;
  2. (with M. Anagnostopoulou-Merkouri and M. Tsalakou) ‘Computing the congruences of a finite semigroup or monoid’, submitted;
  3. (with C. Clark, J. Jonušas, and A. Francis) ‘An algebraic model for inversion and deletion in bacterial genome rearrangement’, submitted;
  4. (with T. D. H. Coleman, F. L. Smith, and M. Tsalakou) ‘The Todd-Coxeter Algorithm for Semigroups and Monoids’, submitted;
  5. (with J. East and J. Jonušas) ‘Generating the monoid of 2×2 matrices over max-plus and min-plus semirings’, preprint;
  6. (with Z. Mesyan and Y. H. Péresse) ‘Topological transformation monoids’, preprint;
  7. (with L. Elliott, J. Jonušas, Y. Péresse, M. Pinsker) ‘Polish topologies on endomorphism monoids of relational structures’, submitted;
  8. (with P. J. Cameron, J. East, D. FitzGerald, L. Pebody, and T. Quinn-Gregson) ‘Minimum degrees of finite rectangular bands, null semigroups, and variants of full transformation semigroups’, submitted;
  9. (with F. Hivert, F. L. Smith, and W. A. Wilson) ‘Minimal generating sets for matrix monoids’, submitted;
  10. (with L. Elliott, Z. Mesyan, J. Jonušas, M. Morayne, and Y. H. Péresse) ‘Automatic continuity, unique Polish topologies, and Zariski topologies on monoids and clones’, to appear in Trans. Amer. Math. Soc.;
  11. (L. Elliott and A. Levine) ‘Counting monogenic monoids and inverse monoids’, to appear in Comm. Algebra,;
  12. (with M. Tsalakou) ‘An explicit algorithm for normal forms in small overlap monoids’, to appear in Journal of Algebra;
  13. (with M. Anagnostopoulou-Merkouri and Z. Mesyan) ‘Properties of Congruence Lattices of Graph Inverse Semigroups’, to appear in Internat. J. Algebra Comput.;
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