An implementation of the Todd-Coxeter algorithm in python3

This page is a companion to the paper The Todd-Coxeter Algorithm for Semigroups and Monoids by T. D. H. Coleman, J. D. Mitchell, F. L. Smith, and M. Tsalakou. On this page we give an implementation of the two strategies for congruence enumeration described in the paper in python3. The code on this page is expository, and should probably not be used for anything serious. There are many optimization that could be applied, but we opted not to do these in order to keep the code short. Many best practices for software development, such as argument checks, assertions, docstrings or exceptions, are also absent, please forgive us in advance. The C++ library libsemigroups contains optimized versions of the code on this page, and we recommend you use this instead!

The essential purpose of the Todd-Coxeter Algorithm is to compute the action of a finitely presented semigroup or monoid on the equivalence classes of a left, right, or two-sided congruence. However, again for the purposes of exposition, we will concentrate on the problem of computing the size of a semigroup defined by a finite presentation.

There are two main strategies for Todd-Coxeter: Felsch and HLT. These are implemented in the following class ToddCoxeter:

Last modified: May 29, 2023